Monday, April 28, 2008


As I'm going to write something about English, I'll write this posting in English. Maybe this will be funny(or whatever) since my English is *****. Even standard six students can make better than me. Miss Norlini(my beloved English teacher) always said that my English writing is like Bahasa style.

When I was a primary school student, I not too take care about my study. I went to school, carrying all books(not change books according to subject daily), after that sat at my place, hearing what the teacher teach, carried homework back, played with friends at evening, and went back to school without finishing the homework. I didn't know how to study, (or) I was very lazy. When I was standard six, realized that I had to change. I wanted to further my study in SMAKJ. So, at least I had to get 4 subjects A's in UPSR. That was a point that I changed(a little bit) myself.

My handwriting was very bad. I also find it quite hard to read my handwriting by myself(poor hanif). So, the language teachers would give me low marks. Maybe because they couldn't read my essay. I had never got my English subject over (around) 55. I always get D grade (around 40 marks) for the subject.

I target that I'll get only 2 subjects A's(Science & Math) in UPSR.

In exam(UPSR), I did as usual. Nothing more than exam. Only I had stopped discussing with my friends as what I had done in exam before.

The time for UPSR result to be announced was come. I little bit nervous(maybe). No one expected that I would get straight A's. So, I was very surprised when I get my own result. Ha? I couldn't believe it.

I still remembered when I tell my mother about my result. She said(something like this) " Mak sebenarnya tak harapkan lebih daripada hanif, mak tak kisah kalau tak dapat 5 A sekalipun".

She said like that not because she didn't like it, but she(like me) never expected the result. I never studied at home. The teachers always scolding me because I didn't finish my homework. In conclusion, very lazy.

However, Alhamdulillah...

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mahirah said...

wow..dat's great..msti doa ibumu dimakbulkan Allah..apa2 pon prgntungan pd-Nya adalah yg utama.
'wamakaru wamakarallah wallahukhoirulmakirin'.

hanif_m_noor said...

sebenanye mesej yg saya nk smpaikn x kesampaian...mungkin sebab tlis dlm english...xpe la...ha3, sorila sbb ade bnyk unsur merapu...

fauzihussin said...

salam.. hanif, keep it up,it might help to sharpen up your english writing skill.

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