Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming Late

DATE: 13 MAY 2009
TIME: 4.50 PM

Me: Assalamualaikum
Madam: Waalaikumussalam
Madam: What is your name?
Me: Hanif
Madam: Owh, you're late.
Me: I'm sorry madam
Madam: Because you're late and we have no enough time, you have no time to brainstorming. Take the card and you may start now.
Me: Now?
Madam: Yes
Me: ok

1st Question: "Describe about the most memorable event that you had"

Me: Em, from my primary school till my secondary school, i'm not too involved in co-curricular activities. Very shy and passive person.
Madam: Ooo...
Me: Until i'd entered Kisas, in my form 4, i had been a secretary of Arabic Language Society, then, i also had organized an event there, in that event, we had invited Rabbani, and that is very interesting for me.
Madam: Owh...
Me: Then, we had many activities there. Everyday we had a kind of public speaking; tazkirah. There I had learned to speak in front of others, in front of my friends. I'm very glad.
Madam: Ok, now we go to the second question

2nd Question: "Experience is the best opinion" What is your opinion?

Me: Ha? em...
Madam: Opinion? Oh no, it's teacher. Experience is the best teacher.
Me: O...Ok, for me, when we want to get to know about something, we have to learn it. We have to know about it theoretically first. For example, we want to pray, so, we have to learn it from the real teacher first. Just then we can do it and get the experience. However, that doesn't mean experience is not important. Experience is a very good teacher for us because it's important for us to know about something not just theoretically, but also practically. Furthemore, actually, sometimes not every experience that we get we can interpret it correctly, sometimes we also misinterpret it. So, we have to ask about it to someone who know better than us. This is important, we cannot be too confident that ourselves is the only one who is right.
Madam: Ok, good...i think we can finish now.
Me: Ok madam,
Madam: Ok
Me: Em, before that, may i know what is your name?
Madam: Madam Raziah...
Me: Ok, thanks madam. Assalamualaikum
Madam: Waalaikumussalam

la...camni jaa...takkan da abis kot...aku tengok orang sebelum aku tu punyalah lama, aku kejap je...

i dont know why, but i feel that it is a very very short conversation. Maybe because i had coming late. Less than 5 minutes i think. i hope i pass this test, dont want to repeat it... Amin

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muhammad firdaus said...

slm..wt's EPT bro?

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